Welcome to Cape Breton Military History Collections

Cape Breton Island is a part of the Province of Nova Scotia and located on the east coast of Canada.

This website has been created to showcase, document and preserve the military history of Cape Breton Island and its service personnel, through image collections of photographs, letters, documents, newspaper clippings, artifacts and more. It commemorates the men and women who served their country in times of military conflict and either had connections to Cape Breton or served in units that originated on the island.

The images in the collections are high resolution scans of original photos and documents from personal and family collections, private collectors, museums and institutions.

This web site is a work in progress and will continue to grow as additional photos, documents, artifacts, etc., come to light.

A Few Notes From the Web Site Administrator

My name is Robert MacLellan and I have been collecting and documenting the military history of Cape Breton for many years. I am originally from Sydney, NS, have an engineering background, and am currently co-owner of Matrix Construction Limited, a general contracting construction company located in Halifax, NS. All work related to this site is done on a volunteer, part time basis.

In late 2014, I created a Facebook Page “Cape Breton Military History Showcase” as a way to showcase my collection to others and this site is a further extension of that.

Most images on this site have been edited and restored to some extent by cropping, improving the contrast, and by removing cracks, marks, staining, etc., all to provide the best quality images possible. For the purists, please note that I also retain unedited copies of all original photos and documents that I have had the opportunity to reproduce.

You will find that many of the images on this site pertain to the Cape Breton Highlanders. I had a family relation that served in that unit in World War 2, so that was the origin or my original research. Having said that, this website is open to include images from all branches of the Armed Forces, from early history up to modern times, as long as there is some connection to Cape Breton.

If you or a family member have any items or information that would be of interest to this website and you would be willing to share, please contact me by email or phone and I would be pleased to discuss options with you. I am willing to travel in the Maritimes to meet in person.

Many people over the years have kindly given me permission to copy their personal and family photos and papers. Where possible I will always give full credit where credit is due. Any publication, reproduction or distribution of this website’s content or images, without my express permission, is strictly prohibited. If you are interested in copies of any of the images, please contact me by phone or email so permission from the owners of the original items can first be obtained.

I hope you enjoy the images and information on this site as much as I have enjoyed collecting and compiling them.

Robert MacLellan


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